Dart Leagues


By-Laws of the Hub Music Dart Leagues


League Organization

1.     The league will be coordinated by Hub Music and Vending.  Organizational meetings will be held each year during the month of September and league action begins the last week in September.

2.     These by-laws will be the governing document by which the league will adhere to.  Additions and changes to the by-laws can only be made by a majority vote of the teams represented at the pre-season organizational meeting or any special meeting called by the steering committee.  Each team shall have one vote on all issues brought before them.

3.     A steering committee shall be elected annually.  This committee shall consist of four participants from within the league and the league coordinator from Hub Music and Vending.  The steering committee shall handle all protests and any other problems or issues that may occur and that are not specifically addressed in these by-laws.  All decisions by the steering committee are final.

4.     This league shall be a sanctioned league.  All players participating in league play as of December 31st will be sanctioned by the National Dart Association and pay the $10.00 sanctioning fee.

League Play

1.     The official game played for MONDAY501 and WEDNESDAY501 will be handicapped 501 Open In Open Out.

a.     A team consisting of four (4) players playing eight (8) “501” matches total between the four (4) players with each player playing in four (4) matches. Players will follow the playing sequence indicated on the official score sheet for both playing position and which players are playing in which game. All team members will play a 9th game of team “701”.

b.     The 9th game of team “701” will count in the team wins. The player who gets the win will receive credit for the win.

2.     The official games played for MONDAY GOLD league will consist of handicapped 501 and handicapped Cricket 20.

a.     A team consisting of four (4) players playing eight (8) “501” matches total between the four (4) players with each player playing in six (4) matches. Players will follow the playing sequence indicated on the official score sheet for both playing position and which players are playing in which game. Once the eight (8) “501” matches have been played then four (4) total Cricket 200 matches will be played with each player playing in two (2) matches.

b.     A thirteenth (13) match of team “701” will be played by all team members and will count in the team wins. The player who wins will receive credit for the win.

3.     League play will be on Monday/Wednesday nights starting at 7:30 P.M. A 15-minute grace period will be allowed prior to the start of the match unless the two captains agree on additional time. If a match starts prior to the arrival of all the players, the late arriving player will play in his/her next scheduled game in the playing sequence, but that player may not make up the missed games.

4.     All players must be of legal drinking age (21 years old).


    1.     Each team pays $12 per week. These fees accumulate in the player’s fund and comprise the payout fund that is distributed at the end of the year.

    2.     Each player that plays in league as of December 31st of the season must pay the $10.00 sanction fee. This fee is set by the National Dart Association and will be paid prior to the player’s first match and included with the first weekly fees collected by the board.

    3.     All other sanctions need to be dropped off at Hub Music’s office at 415 North 4th St.

    Prize Money/Awards

      1.     The guidelines for distributing the league prize fund will be the first place teams receiving approximately double the money they contributed, and the last place team receiving approximately ½ the money they contributed. All other places will receive an equivalent amount depending on where they finish using this guideline. NO prize money will be distributed prior to the year end dart party and awards ceremony. It will be the responsibility of the team captain to sign for and distribute his/her team’s money to the players on his/her team. Any fees not paid during the year
      will be subtracted from that team’s year-end payout.

      a.     Trophies will be awarded to each team that places first in any division of any segment of the season. Trophies will be awarded to the male and female with the highest points per dart average in each division. These “top gun” awards will be based on the session.

      i.      To qualify for the Top Gun trophy at the end of the session the thrower must have thrown at least 75% of the games for that session.


        1.     In the event that a match cannot be played when scheduled, it is the responsibility of the team captain that cannot play to contact the opposing team captain and Hub Music as soon as possible, and in no case, later than one (1) hour prior to the scheduled match. This match must be played prior to the following Thursday by 11:00pm. Canceling later than one (1) hour before play is scheduled will result in that team forfeiting the match.

        2.     In the event that a team will need to forfeit:

        a.     Forfeit will be scored 6 games to 0 in favor of the team that shows up at the match.

        b.     The team that forfeits will pay their $8.00 weekly fees as well as the other team’s $8.00 weekly fees for a total of $16.00.

        c.     Teams that forfeit two (2) consecutive weeks or four (4) weeks of the season are disqualified from the league. Any money they have contributed will remain with the league. All of the scheduled matches will be scored 9 to 0. All matches already played will be changed to reflect 9 to 0 scores.

        3.     In case of a cancellation because of bad weather, all games will be canceled and the scheduled date will be added to the end of the schedule. Team captains should call Hub Music at 229-0760 if they have any questions about league being canceled.

        Dart Team Roster

        1.     Each team needs four (4) players. Substitutes who play for a team will automatically be added to that team’s roster. Players may be released by a team and allowed to play for another team only once.

        Point Per Dart/Spot Darts

        1.     The first night of league will be shot scratch for all players. Thereafter, handicap will be played. Substitutes will shoot scratch their first night and thereafter handicap will be applied, unless they have established an average in an active Hub Music league whereupon said league’s average will be applied.

        The Dart Board

          1.     If a dart misses the dartboard or does not stick, it counts as a dart thrown.

          2.     A dart that sticks but does not score may be manually scored. Both captains must agree that the dart was thrown on time and is sticking in the dart board before it may be manually scored.


            1.     Protests must be declared at the time of the objection and must be documented in writing to Hub Music by 4:00pm the day after the match. The protesting team must post a $20 deposit and contact a committee member within 24 hours of the time of the protest. If the committee rules in favor of the protesting team, the $20 is refunded. If not, the money goes into the player’s fund.


              1.     No team may switch sponsors in the middle of the season unless their sponsor closes the business or is no longer a customer of Hub Music.

              State Dart Qualification

                To be eligible to participate in the State Tournament, players participating must meet the criteria as determined by the South Dakota Pool and Dart Corporation that manages the tournament. Players must have at least 30 league games over a 6 week period to qualify for state by December 15, 2022.

                Hub Music & Vending