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Sunday Night Remote League Information


Cost will be $10.00 per player per night.

15 games a night per player-- (except in K they play 17 games a night because there are only 9 teams). 

48 games are needed for these regional tournaments -- Larchwood IA, September 14-16,  Dickinson ND, October 5 - 7,  New Cumberland West Virginia, November 2-4.

If the internet drops in the middle of a game, you can go back into the league and make up the match. 

OR the rest of the games will be split evenly.     

If an odd number of games are left, the odd game goes to the team winning at the time the internet stops.

All games are recorded, so sportsmanship will be observed. Remember you are not only representing yourself but also Hub Music. 

All schedules have two make up weeks, July 1st and July 8th.

All games need to be done by August 26th.


A- 10 teams starts May 20th 

B- 12 teams- starts May 20th        REGULATORZ        501 OI/OO-(5 GAMES) 501 TEAM-(4 GAMES) 501 SINGLES (8 GAMES) CRICKET

C- 12 teams starts May 20th          BULLS DEEP           301 OI/OO-(5 GAMES) 301 TEAM-(4 GAMES) 301 SINGLES (8 GAMES) CRICKET

D- 10 teams June 3rd                      COUNT YOUR LUCK//NNAPPAx3    301 OI/OO-(5 GAMES) 301 TEAM (4 GAMES) 301 SINGLES (8 GAMES) CRICKET

E- 11 teams May 20th

F- 12 teams May 20th

G- 10 teams May 20th                     LET'S GO   301 OI/OO-(5 GAMES) 301 TEAM ( 4 GAMES) 301 SINGLES (8 GAMES) CRICKET

H-12 teams May 20th                     JR BULLSEYE  301 OI/OO-(5 GAMES) 301 TEAM (4 GAMES) 301 SINGLES ( 8 GAMES) CRICKET

I- 12 teams May 20th 

J- 10 teams June 3rd 

K- 9 teams June 3rd 


Play starts at 6 pm MT/7 pm CT.  Please call the opposing team if you are going to be late, forfeit or reschedule. 

Not all of them live in town and some have sitters lined up to watch their kids. Please be respectful of your opponent's time. 










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